2 days, 223 miles later…

..fuelled by fig rolls, a wonderful peleton & fantastic scenic views!

What a lovely way to spend a bank holiday weekend, touring the green and pleasant Somerset/Dorset countryside and soaking up the lush scenery was my initial thought when I signed up last October to the Tour of Wessex 2014, a cycloSportive event known for its challenging & enjoyable cycling on a rich blend of hilly and flat terrain.  Training has been going well over the last few months, and finally I was as ready as I’d ever be to face the great TOW 2014

Day 1: 107 miles, weather forecast – relentless rain, chilly

Highs = Cycling up Cheddar Gorge;  Feed Stations; Fig Rolls; Challenging hills (King Alfred Tower – one hell of a beast to conquer);  when the rained stopped for 10 mins; Great cycling buddies

Lows = Soggy feet that never dried out;  King Alfred Tower – the hill that kept on giving; Passing all the enticing Somerset Cider Farms & not being able to sample any; puncture 6 miles from the finish

Day 2: 117 miles, weather forecast – sunny intervals, warm but breezy

Highs = reaching the top of Durdle Door & enjoying the coastal views; cycling in the glorious sunshine; Fig Rolls & Jelly babies;  Great cycling buddies;  Big smiles as we entered the final corner to the finish line; exhausted but exhilarated that I’d finished!

Lows = Screaming thighs; Battling the wind; A Scotch egg getting stuck in my throat; Serious chafing;  The last 30 miles..

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable two days in the saddle.  My bike served me well & now deserves a proper clean, a splash of oil and some well deserved rest.  Now, where did I put my running shoes………

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